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WELCOME TO the PBM³ Gaming League.  There are many advantages members enjoy beyond the ordinary Guest logons.

Members Have:
  • Access to extra gaming areas and levels.
  • Editing, Saving and Creating game Characters.
  • Up to 20 active Characters at once.
  • Issue Challenges and Duel Combat against opponents.
  • Multi-Character Exploration Parties.
  • Creating Customized Characters.
  • Player Rating in national and World Listings.
  • Gaming Aids, and add-ons.
  • Use of Magic!
  • Treasure hoards for each charater.
  • Transfer characters between gaming systems.
  • Added Membership priviledges.
  • ... and a lot much more!
  • Create your Membership today!

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     You will receive an eMail within minutes with your unique PBM³ Identification number.
     Use your personal PBM³ ID in all your role-playing Game Turn Orders (GTO).

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