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PBMCube >> Naughty >> Ganguro Girl

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Ganguro Girl

Game Category | Theme: PBMCube >> Naughty >> Ganguro Girl

Game Description: Get educated built and charming work a job buy gifts and try to get the girl by going on dates with her. release 1.8 of the popular dating simulation. 18+ only.

Game Instructions: Get educated, get physically fit and charming, get a job, get money, buy gifts, go on dates and try to 'get the girl' in 90 days or less. You have 100 days to seduce a Ganguro Girl. Sweet talk them, buy them clothes and remember things they tell you to succeed! ====== More history on Ganguro ===== Ganguro Girl: You are a college guy who is starting out with absolutely nothing, but hope to get this Ganguro Girl. You have limited time, approximately 30 days to increase your knowlegs, become better looking and earn more money in hopes of dating the ganguro girl. You simulate every step of desparate guys life, going to the gym, going to work, doing under the table jobs, going to the mall and of course actual interatcion with the dream girl. Enjoy this game and do your best to help the guy score a date with the ganguro girl! What is so special about the Ganguro girls to want them so bad... well, here is a little background on the sexy fashion: Ganguro, literally face-black, is a fashion trend among Japanesegirls, an outgrowth of chapatsu hair dyeing. The basic look isbleached-blond hair perms that take half a day to set and cost about $400,and a deep tan, produced by tanning beds or makeup. Theintent is to produce the tanned, blond California beach girl look.Accessories include high platform shoes or boots, purikura photo stickers,and cellular phones. They go to tanning salons tomaintain a dark-brown tan year-round (or apply a dark-brown foundation). The centerpiece of their street costume is 15-cm (6-inch) or higher platform shoes or sandals that makes them tower over the average Japanese. It lets them look down on the world or to have the world look up to them. One step beyond the ganguro is the yamanba, which roughly translates as mountain hag or witch from Japanese folklore. Besides being ganguro, these girls wear more outrageous makeup with white lipstick, white eye shadow around the eyes (a racoon or panda look), silvery hair, and some glitter or fake tear drops on the cheek. They also have a loud, gregarious way of talking and laughing. They also dye their hair brown or gold and wear blue contact lenses. It'sthe California beach girl look without the bikini. And sometimes they evenwear fake flower leis or fake flowers in their hair. The Shibuya and Ikebukurodistricts of Tokyo are the center of ganguro fashion. It goes against the grain of the usual Japanese standard of female beauty, which calls for skin as white as possible. The roots of the trend are said to be in the mid-1990s, starting with a popular tanned Okinawansinger named Amuro Namie Wouldn't you want yourself one of girls like that?!? GOod luck helping the poor guy out!

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Current Rating  4 Stars best game to play


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