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PBeM eWar

Game Category | Theme: PBMCube >> Mobile phone >> PBeM >> PBeM eWar

Game Description: eWar is a turn based war game, a group of friends with e-mail (or some other way of passing files to each other) can play a multiplayer war game together without having to be in the same room or on the same network, and without having to agree on times when you all need to be online at the same time. You can play from home or from work, or both, at whatever pace you choose.

Game Instructions: e-war is a turn based war game, but all the players make their moves simultaneously each turn (so there's no waiting for another player to play his or her turn before you can play yours), and all the moves you wish to make on a given turn are saved to a file that you then e-mail or otherwise send to one of the players who volunteered to host the game. Once that host player receives the moves files from the other players, he or she allows the game to process that turn, at which point an updated game file is created that can be e-mailed back out to all the players. In this way, large multiplayer games can be played at whatever pace the group desires. When you receive an updated game file, you don't have to respond right away if you're busy at the time. You can take as long as you like to play your moves, as long as you get them to the host by whatever time your group agrees on. With the unregistered demo version of e-war, you can fully participate in a multiplayer game up to turn 12, after which your moves will be ignored unless you have registered the game. It is entirely possible to start a game unregistered and register at a later point in order to be allowed past turn 12. In fact, I highly recommend that you get a group or two together and start playing right now, so you can see if you like the game before paying for a registration key. If you decide you like the game well enough to purchase e-war, you won't even have to stop the games you started while unregistered. e-war will work on any Windows system, from Windows 95 on up, and has such a small footprint that there are no real memory, disk space, or video card requirements.

Game Popularity: | Played 3845 times

Current Rating  4 Stars best game to play


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