Legends of Great Dragons
Legends of Dragons - PBMCube

Welcome to Legends of Great Dragons.

We have two versions of the Legends of the Green Dragon; an older HTML5 and a newer "Headless" version application; both of these are upgraded to PHP 7 with mobile access.

We are also proud to present the original Legends of the Red Dragon (LotRD) game which we ran on our Bulletin Board System (BBS) 27 years ago! Our licensed versions of LotRD are authorized by Gameport.

To complete our collection of Legends of Great Dragons, we provide access to our popular Legends of Renown Deeds (LoRD) in both the old text version, play by mail, play by eMail, and online browser MMoG.

Very soon, we will release an updated version of LoRD and Legends of the Green Dragon (lotgd) as a mobile app game. But for now, please enjoy our original games. If you are interested in helping us update these addicting games, please contact our affiliate page.

Legends of Dragons - PBMCube